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Hog and Pig Waterer

Big hogs and pigs drink with ease from 18” wide x 17” high x 9” deep drinkers. Each drinker has a drain plug, so washing and flushing is fast, simple and complete. The float and valve are completely protected from hogs.


  • Trough height from floor is 6”, so little pigs drink easily.
  • One dependable float and valve handles both drinkers.
  • 2 drinking areas.
  • Drain plug for easy washing and flushing.


Product total dimension: The height, with lid and trough, is 40”. The diameter at the top is 35”. The bottom it is approximately 30”.


Capacity:        80 gallons
Width:             18" drinking area
Height:            17" drinking area
Depth:             9"  drinking area


Order Online: 
1.5" Replacement Plug (F160996)
Automatic Water Valve Kit (S157206)
Valve Assembly (S157187)

Utility Hog & Pig Waterer

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