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Create a comfortable, enclosed environment for newborns during the critical hours after birth. This heater keeps baby calves warm while being cared for in calf warmers.

Heater is a deluxe, high-performance, 110 volt, 2-speed heater that comes with a 6 month warranty. Easily works with Sioux Steel's Calf Warmers.

Replacement Heater for Poly Calf Warmer

SKU: S177902
Out of Stock Lead Time could be up to 4-weeks ARO.
  • Q: Does the heater have a thermostat so it shuts off when it reaches a certain temperature?

    A: There is not a thermostat directly on the Calf Warmer. The 110-volt heater does have 3 heat settings and 2 fan settings for proper regulation under most temperature conditions.



    Q: How many watts is the heater?

    A: Great question! It is between 600 to 1500 Watts.

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