The fast & easy way to move working equipment to remote pastures & yards. Once your destination has been reached, simply remove the wheels and you are ready to work. System includes: 8’ cornerless extra large crowding tub, 8.5’ adjustable alley, palp cage, squeeze chute with steel floor and your choice of automatic or manual head gate.



  • Alley adjusts 20” to 32”.
  • Full catwalk on cornerless crowding tub.
  • Cat walk on tub is removable for easy transportation while moving unit.
  • The self-locking, quick-attach hitch.
  • Removable panel transporting brackets.
  • Bi-fold gate from tub to alley.
  • Push bar moves cattle forward.
  • Pivot points are greaseable.
  • Large injection doors on squeeze chute.
  • Bottom doors on squeeze chute open on either side.
  • Wheel jack kits available. Must order separately.

Portable Working System