Concave base is grooved so lick wheels extract feed right from the bottom. Lick feeder is domed to prevent cattle from standing on top of equipment. Wheel brackets are raised to drain off rain or snow. Feeder cap included. 


  • Made of high quality polyethylene.
  • Feedlot acids have no effect.
  • Durable feeder cap.
  • Heavy rib construction.
  • Raised to drain off rain and snow.
  • Assists natural feed clean out.
  • Includes 2 lick wheels and mounting brackets.

Color:              Orange
Capacity:        280 gallons
Width:             61" (bottom diameter)
Height:            38.5" (20" base)

Order Online: Replacement Wheel Kit


    NOTE:  Avoid feeders from freeze. Freezing can shorten the useful life of any polyethylene. Sioux stock tank heaters are recommended. 2 each of 1500 watt heaters will usually be required. This product is not recommend for swimming or purposes other than watering or feeding livestock.

    Lick Mineral Feeder

    SKU: SSLF280