• The XL Hydraulic Chute comes with all the features of our regular Hydraulic Chute but is 20" longer and includes a Palpation Door on the operator's side. This provides safe and easy access for A.I. work and pregnancy checking.


  • Exterior Dimension: 44 ½" W x 112.5" Long (at base) x 77" H (open) or 97" (closed)
  • Squeeze width:
    • At floor: 7" min - 18 ½" max
    • At belly: 11" min - 25 ¼" max
  • Weight (in pounds): 2680
  • Paint: Baked on powder coat paint
  • Warranty: 1 year


*Note: Not all Sioux Steel /HiQual Livestock Equipment will connect with other Sioux Steel/HiQual Livestock Equipment. An adapter piece may also be necessary to purchase. Please consult with our Customer Service Team at 877-872-3073 to learn more.

    Hydraulic XL (HiQual) Squeeze Chute