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Select 1 filter from each filter option.


If you do not need a filter then select the option that it's not needed.


The table for selecting each appropriate filter by equipment is below.


If you need more than 1 filter of any type, you will need to submit a new order for the secondary filter.


  • Equipment Fuel 
    2007 Kenworth T800 33674
    2013 Ram 5500 WF10255NP
    2014 Ram 5500 WF10255NP
    2019 Ram 3500 WF10255NP
    2020 Ram 3500 WF10255NP
    2022 Ram 3500 WF10255NP
    2023 Ram 3500 WF10255NP
    Gehl 33531
    Takeuchi WF10456
      33393 (pre-filter)
    Yanmar WF10369
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