Bulk feed bins offer safe, dry feed storage. 16 different capacities are available to choose from to best fit your facility needs.

  • Available in 6’, 7’, and 9’ sizes.
  • The weather-tight die-formed roof has reinforcing ribs at the seams for added strength.
  • Leg bracing is engineered for greater strength and stability.

Basic Bulk Bins: Ground control fill cap, roof panels, corrugated sidewalls, 16" hopper openings w/collar.


Optional Accessories: Side ladders, cages, hopper stiffeners, slide valves, poly boots, unloaders, augers & motors.

Bulk Feed Bins

  • Capacities for 6'-9' diameter bins are calculated at 40lbs/cubic foot for free-flowing material. Bushels capacities for 6'-9' diameter bins are calculated with no compaction and to full cubic feet capacities.

    Side Ladders, Ladder Packages with Cages, Side Valves, Poly Boots, Unloaders, Motors for Augers, Augers for Poly Boot and Unloaders are available. Please contact our Livestock Customer Service Team at 1-877-782-3073 for additional information.