Now offering high-quality liners & edge protectors!


Note: If you currently have a Sioux bottomless tank, add edge protectors by flipping tank over so sheet flange is on bottom.


Because of their water storage capacity, these tanks can compensate for the variable water output of windmill and solar panel systems, assuring an adequate supply of livestock water at all times. Livestock drink directly from bottomless tanks. Simple construction. Easily adaptable to most sites. Large capacity at comparatively low cost compared with other tanks. Can be constructed with on-farm labor. Serves as both water storage and drinking device.

Bottomless Stock Tank

    • 12 gauge galvanized steel sidewalls making it the heaviest corrugated tank made.
    • Formed, 12 gauge flanged top is one piece, same as sidewall
    • Every seam has a single row of 5/8 hardware for superior strength.
    • Give cattle good, clean water all the time.
    • Cattle are healthier and have faster gains.